Goodbye Aperture and iPhoto. I have released a statement regarding recent news on Aperture and iPhoto. At this point I recommend that you don't panic. However if you are insistent on migrating to Adobe Lightroom I have created Aperture Exporter to ease your transition.


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, the team is ready for any challenge. We love Macs, solving problems, and helping photographers.

7822383 Canada Ltd. is privately held corporation based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

We don’t have investors to impress, so we don’t need a “mission statement.” We enjoy writing and shipping great products that address the needs of ourselves and our customers.

In our previous lives we've developed solutions for large scale embedded systems such as carrier grade ATM & IP routers. We've developed enterprise data management and delivery systems in the Airline industry. We've innovated in Crew Scheduling and Fibre Optic Cable Management and Routing software. We've developed many websites. There is hardly a challenge that we can't face.

Consulting Services

√ Websites and Content Management Systems
√ iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 Development
√ OS X Custom Software
√ Windows Custom Software
√ IT Consulting
√ Network Design and Deployment
√ SOHO Consulting
√ Website Hosting and more

Consumer Services

√ Local Computer Repairs

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