We are pleased to announce a new utility you may be interested in checking out:

No Sleep Till...

Keep your Mac Awake
A simple program residing in the top menu bar used to control how and when your Mac is permitted to sleep. Currently beta testing. Please give it a try and contact us if you have any issues. Our beta testers also have the opportunity to get a free license code.

ADD For iPhoto Basic Usage

ADD for iPhoto works just like the original (A)perture (D)uplicate (D)etector with one exception. iPhoto makes it very difficult for programs like this to create new keywords. Fortunately, ADD for iPhoto is now able to create these keywords automatically. When ADD detects one or more missing keywords, a small image file is imported into your library which triggers the creation of the required keywords.

Step 1: Ensure iPhoto and ADD For iPhoto are running.
Step 2: Start a scan. Your options are:
Scan Library - Does a full scan of all images in your library and performs ImageIQ on potential duplicates.
Scan Selection - Within iPhoto, select the images you wish to have processed. ADD will scan only the selected images and perform ImageIQ on potential duplicates.
ImageIQ Selection - Finds visually similar images in the images you have selected in iPhoto.

When the run is complete, your potential duplicate images will be tagged. Here are the meanings of the keywords:

There is also a tutorial on what to do once ADD for iPhoto has finished its job.