We are pleased to announce a new utility you may be interested in checking out:

No Sleep Till...

Keep your Mac Awake
A simple program residing in the top menu bar used to control how and when your Mac is permitted to sleep. Currently beta testing. Please give it a try and contact us if you have any issues. Our beta testers also have the opportunity to get a free license code.

ADD For iPhoto's Advanced Options

ADD For iPhoto’s Advanced Options

There are a number of advanced options available through ADD for iPhoto’s preferences which you might want to consider using.


  1. Auto-ImageIQ - ImageIQ is invoked after ADD has finished detecting duplicates. Only potential duplicates will be subject for ImageIQ processing.

  2. Tag All Processed Images. With this option turned on, ADD will add the ADD Processed tag to every image it examines.

  3. Hash Method. Comparisons are made, by default, by an exact comparison of files. Registered licence owners have the option to use a SHA1, MD5, MD4, or MD2 hash to compare files. In many cases, using the hashes will be much faster than direct comparisons. With any of the hash algorithms, identified hash duplicates are the same photo for all practical purposes. It is possible, though very very very unlikely, that they could be different. You should consider using a hash if you expect that there are more than 2 copies of duplicated images.

  4. Create Hash Tag Sets. The option to tag their images with the unique ID generated by a selected hashing option. [x] is the hash option selected, and [UniqueID] is the hash value of the image. This can be very useful when looking for sets of hash duplicates. For example, if an image is tagged as “Hash 0 Set:b1af7533c3f28734d11ea1ca47991b6b23fec931”, you can, within iPhoto, search for “:b1af7533”… to find all photos belong to this set of duplicates.


  1. Tag Unique Items. Any item that is not a potential duplicate of any sort will receive a “ADD Unique” tag.

  2. Propagate Comments to Hash Dupes. With this option, sets of duplicates will have their comments copied to each other. You can select to choose the comment from the highest rated photo, lowest rated photo, or combine all the comments together.

  3. Propagate Ratings to Hash Dupes. This option will copy ratings amongst hash duplicate sets. You can select to choose the rating from the highest rated photo or lowest rated photo.