We are pleased to announce a new utility you may be interested in checking out:

No Sleep Till...

Keep your Mac Awake
A simple program residing in the top menu bar used to control how and when your Mac is permitted to sleep. Currently beta testing. Please give it a try and contact us if you have any issues. Our beta testers also have the opportunity to get a free license code.

Basic Usage

Using ImageIQ is pretty straight forward.

  1. Ensure Aperture is running and launch ImageIQ For Aperture.
  2. Your entire library will be loaded into ImageIQ. ImageIQ will also detect any images previously analyzed for visual similarity by ImageIQ in ADD. If you have images still not analyzed by ImageIQ, simply hit the “Analyse/Refresh” button to complete your library.
  3. Select how sensitive you wish your searches to be. The default setting is for auto-sensitivity. However, you can adjust the setting for your situation. The “Most Similar” settings makes ImageIQ much more selective in the searches such that only very similar will get tagged with a keyword. “Less Similar” means that it will accept images with more differences as being similar.
  4. Select an image within Aperture that you want to search for.
  5. Start your search. ImageIQ will tag with a keyword all images in your library that are similar to your selection.
  6. See your results. Back over in Aperture go to the all Photos library search for ImageIQ optionally followed by the name of the image you were searching for.
  7. Refine your search based on your results and the information provided by ImageIQ.