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How to search for ADD tagged images in iPhoto

When ADD For iPhoto completed you will have seen something like this:

To see the "results", you need to head back over into iPhoto where there are multiple ways of seeing the duplicates and eliminate them.  You can quit ADD as it's no longer required unless you want to do another scan.

Back in iPhoto:

Turn on the "info" pane.  This then shows info on the currently selected image.

You can now go ahead and do some searches on your images.  

Try a search for "duplicate"  which then filters the images to show all images with any duplicate tag.... be it filename duplicate, date duplicate, or hash duplicate. Now notice that when you do a search in this way, iPhoto will group images by their events. It's a real awkwardness if you have a large number of duplicates as you'll probably have to hunt for the duplicates. The method of using smart albums described below gets around this annoyance.

You can further refine the search to be just for say "hash duplicate"

You can start deleting images using these searches.  Now be careful, as ADD does not know which was the original file.  It tags all the images in a set of duplicates.  Be sure to keep at least on copy of each image.  From the above example, I would have deleted only 6 images:

If you've tried ImageIQ, you have more search options like a search for "date similar" which gives all the images that were date duplicates, and ImageIQ determined them to be similar.

Another method to see the duplicates is more advanced, but much more powerful.  It requires making smart albums:

You can create one for each duplicate tag.  You can even get fancy with these and put multiple conditions on it:

Option-command-delete will move an image from a Smart Album to the trash. Do note that if you search within your smart album iPhoto will group everything in the search by their event. If you need to search a smart album you probably will be better served by creating another smart album. More details and recommendations on smart albums can be found at http://ssoftltd.com/content/recommended-iphoto-smart-albums-use-add

I hope that little tutorial helps you out.