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Recommended iPhoto Smart Albums For Use with ADD

As discussed in the How To Search ADD Tagged Images in iPhoto Tutorial using smart albums is by far the most powerful and best way to process your duplicates for elimination.

As a reminder, simply searching for keywords in any album is awkward as iPhoto will group images by their events. If you have a large number of duplicates as you'll probably have to hunt for the duplicates. The method of using smart albums gets around this annoyance.

Here are a few simple recommendations on those smart albums. First off, we finished a library scan using ADD for iPhoto. Here were the results:

Not bad. Only a couple of hash duplicates, but lots of Filename and Date Duplicates. Lets go ahead and create a few smart albums.

We're creating four of them.

Easy enough. Now because Hash Duplicates are the most important to eliminate we'll start processing them. In this case it's simple. There were only 2.

Of those two, we'll only select 1 of them for deletion, thus keeping 1 as the original. Option+command+delete will move an image from a Smart Album to the trash

Next let's process the Date Duplicates. This time we have a lot more.

So we have a lot there. Most of them are some variation of the same image. Perhaps cropped, maybe scaled, maybe different file formats. Carefully select the versions you don't want around anymore and use Option+Command+delete to sent it to the trash. If you haven't already, you might want to set the sort order of the album. Use the menu item View->Sort Photos->By Date.

But Also notice that there are some pictures there that don't look to be duplicates. If you have a lot of these you might want to use the Similar Duplicates smart album for your processing which does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. More on that later.

Next we'll process the Filename Duplicates. To help, we'll set the sort order to View->Sort Photos->By Title

Looks pretty good. Select the ones you don't need and send them to the trash.

In order to send selected photos to the trash from a smart album using the menu item, you need to hold the Option key down in the "Photos" menu for "Move To Trash" to be available. Alternatively you can simply use the Command+Option+delete keyboard shortcut to move the selected images to trash. iPhoto adds this little hoop to jump through to indicate that you are using an album, rather than being directly in an event.

If your filename duplicates and date duplicates smart albums have a lot of images that are not real duplicates, then this last smart album is for you. It searches on the keywords duplicate and similar which weeds out the unique images.

Process these as you would have with any of the previous albums.

Congratulations! You are done. Don't for get to empty your trash.

-->Do note that if you search within your smart album iPhoto will group everything in the search by their event. If you need to search a smart album you probably will be better served by creating another smart album.