We are pleased to announce a new utility you may be interested in checking out:

No Sleep Till...

Keep your Mac Awake
A simple program residing in the top menu bar used to control how and when your Mac is permitted to sleep. Currently beta testing. Please give it a try and contact us if you have any issues. Our beta testers also have the opportunity to get a free license code.

Why Does ImageIQ Ask For My Library Location?

When ImageIQ asks for the Aperture library, it does so so that it doesn't have to ask Aperture to do an original export. ImageIQ will figure out the location of the version on it's own which translates to much faster access. If it can't figure out the location it will still ask Aperture for an export. That being said, speed is still related to the size of the versions being analyzed.

If you do not supply ImageIQ with the Library when it asks; ImageIQ asks Aperture to export the original. This means that any adjustments made within Aperture are disregarded and ImageIQ has an easier time dealing with crops and colour corrections made within Aperture. If a library is specified, ImageIQ gets an adjusted version of the image (with crops and colour corrections) and thus images may have more differences. However, it's a matter of trade-off. Exporting images out of Aperture takes time. While reading directly from the file system the adjusted version is very quick.