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No Sleep Till...

Keep your Mac Awake
A simple program residing in the top menu bar used to control how and when your Mac is permitted to sleep. Currently beta testing. Please give it a try and contact us if you have any issues. Our beta testers also have the opportunity to get a free license code.

ImageIQ For Aperture

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ImageIQ For Aperture now with ImageIQ+ and ImageIQ Pro. ImageIQ+ is a refinement on the original algorithm and ImageIQ Pro is a completely new algorithm capable of finding images the others can not. If you’d like to provide feedback or suggestions send an email to support@ssoftltd.com. Available only as a direct purchase from us.

Search For Images, not Metadata

ImageIQ For Aperture is the image search tool missing from Aperture. With ImageIQ, you search for images, not their metadata. Visually similar images are tagged with a keyword that includes the name of the image you are searching for. I’m using ImageIQ almost every day now as it’s become a part of my normal workflow, not to mention I’m developing it. ;)

ImageIQ uses the same algorithms found in the latest versions of Aperture Duplicate Detector (ADD) and ADD For iPhoto. These algorithms visually profile your images and ImageIQ searches for similarities. It works to find these similarities independent of file format and image size. Most color adjustments are also detected.


√ Search and Find Variants and Duplicates
√ Discover Your Library Again
√ Get Organized By Grouping Similar Images
√ Use as a supplement to Aperture's Import to avoid accumulating duplicates.


√ ADD For Aperture Compatibility
√ Auto-Sensitivity to get your search off to the right start
√ Search Sensitivity Guidance
√ Remove Keywords Applied by a ImageIQ Search
√ Analysis Persistence

Basic Usage Instructions are available here.

We can also automatically generate some smart albums that are very appropriate for processing your searches in Aperture. See this article for further details and instructions.

Change Log

V1.4.5 Bug fixes particularly for Yosemite users.
V1.4.3 Greatly enhanced performance when library path is supplied during analysis, especially in cases where iLife sharing data is disabled for a library.
V1.4 Prevents machine from sleeping while analysing. Bug fixes and stability improvements.
V1.3.5 Now allows searching to be performed while libraries are being analyzed. Minor bug fixes.
V1.3.4 Introduces two new algorithms to be used in searching. ImageIQ+ (a refinement on the original algorithm) and ImageIQ Pro (a completely new alogorithm). Selection scan can now be used to update previous analysis. Bug fixes.
V1.2.8 Searching is much faster. Critical fix for a bug that could cause a crash when starting an analysis. Counts of Analyzed images corrected. Auto-Sensitivity is now capped to 10 to prevent it from trying to hard to find an image. Tech support links in the help menu. Loading a library now shows progress. Much better peak memory footprints. Fix for found and tagged count when searching for multiple images at once. Other bug fixes.

Full release notes can be found here.

Buy it here and set your own price...

By purchasing direct from us you will receive a licence key which unlocks the demo version.

Current Version

ImageIQ For Aperture Version 1.4.5

System Requirements

OS X Lion (10.7.x) and above.
Aperture 3 (3.0 and above. The newest version of Aperture (3.6) is also fully tested and supported.)


Visit the ImageIQ For Aperture Support Page.

Or send an email to support@ssoftltd.com

Demo Version

The demo version will profile all images in your library. However, searching is limited to search through your first 10,000 library images.

ImageIQ For Aperture Demo.zip1.11 MB